Grand Master Kimm Yong Sup

Training and teaching in Korea from the age of 15…
And still training and teaching.

  • Born In Korea 1935
  • A Bachelor of Biology Seoul National University 1962
  • Post-graduate studies in Oriental Medical Science
    Kyung Hee Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine  Institute 1967
  • Migrated to Australia 1977
  • Established  First Hap Ki Do Academy in Australia 1977
  • Australian International Hap Ki Do Federation President  1977
  • Established  First Sun Do Academy in Australia 1993
  • Established Universal Peace Charity Foundation 1995
  • Received U.N. World Peace Academy Award 2003
  • Hon. Ph.D. Philosophy, California Union University 2004
  • Received Presidential Active Lifestyle Award ( USA) 2006
  • President Senior Grand Masters International Association. 2006
  • Established  Yuk Sa Baro Algi Moim 2009
  • Australian Representative for The Asia Pacific Earth Life Remediation Association (Korean based) 2009
  • President of International Support  Groups for The Asia Pacific Earth Life Remediation Association 2010

More info at the Universal Peace website.