About Sundo

Explained by Grand Master Kimm Yong Sup

Sun Do was born more than 6000 years ago in Manchuria, during the Han Kuk Dynasty. At that time Manchuria was an ancient Korean country, now it is part of north eastern China.

Through diligent practice, the original Sun Do people developed a very special and advanced understanding of meditation and the nature and the function of bio energy and Universal Energy. As they were training, they discovered that the Universal energy they were experiencing caused natural movements that could be used practically! Thus began the evolution of Martial arts.

The students of these original martial arts practised Sun Do and studied many other scholarly subjects along side their martial art training, in a very holistic and balanced curriculum. As a result of this, they developed inner strength and outer strength. This condition is the best way to train and is the reason why I established the Universal Peace Training Academy.

During the very long Han-Kuk dynasty, which was established by Emperor Chee-Woo, Dan-Kun Cho-Sun created a more structured society based on the philosophical principle of Hong Ik In Gan Ee Hwa Se Gye, the empty mind with compassion for others spreading peace. Through this action Sun Do became widely practiced in the general population.

The Sun Do we practice today is still based on this great ancient Korean principle of Hong Ik In Gan Ee Hwa Se Gye. Through their training, all students have the opportunity to become peacemakers. This is important, I expect very much.

The basis of Sun Do training is learning how to return to the way we breathed when were babies; generally we would call this ‘belly breathing’. If you watch babies and animals, they all breathe this way. When they breathe in the abdomen rises, when they breathe out the abdomen shrinks. Even if you think that this is simple you have to understand that to learn properly, you need the guidance of a teacher.

As we develop the basic breathing skills, we begin to master our ability to absorb Ki energy and as we progress we can learn how to store that energy in our Ha Dan Jun. Stored energy is then available for us to use in our everyday life, what ever our occupation. The energy supports all our bodily functions. We become stronger and more flexible, less prone to injury. If we do sustain injury, our recovery is quicker. We also become better at managing stress.

I can definitely say Sun Do is an amazing subject

— Grand Master Kimm Yong Sup.

Learning Sun Do at the universal Peace Training Academy

Based on his many years of experience in Korean martial and the broader arts and his scientific background, Grand Master Kimm has developed a unique holistic training method for teaching Sun Do.

Sun Do aims to

  • Improve ones physical and mental health and to develop one’s character.
  • Develop one’s unlimited potential ability and power.
  • Understand one’s own pure nature.

Sun Do is effective for

  • Developing strength, flexibility and vitality
  • Improving the condition of every organ and corresponding meridian
  • Improving and sustaining general health and wellbeing
  • Releasing tension and reducing the effects of stress

Basic Sun Do training sessions comprise

Do In Bub (Warming Exercises) – These exercises are designed to increase the flow of Bio energy and blood throughout the body. In order to gain maximum benefit from these exercises, they should be done gently and in a relaxed state of mind

Hang Gong Bub – Meditation in Sun Do ‘forms’, combined with abdominal breathing techniques.

Advanced Sun Do Training is called Un Gong Shim Ki. Students continue to practice Do In Bub and Hang Gong Bub with the addition of techniques to manage the body, mind and spirit in cooperation with Universal energy.

Both basic and advanced Sun Do training assists students to develop mentally physically spiritually and philosophically.