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Universal Ancient Wisdom Bringing New Horizons

2012 marks the 35th Anniversary of the International Hap Ki Do , Han Ki Do and Sun Do Federation  in Australia and its work for Universal Peace.

To celebrate, our function will be held on October 25th, at Hilton on the Park, Melbourne, 7 pm – midnight.

Grand Master Kimm and the function committee are pleased to invite you, your family, friends and colleagues to this special event.

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Grand Master Kimm Yong SupWelcome to the Australian home of the International Hap Ki Do, Han Ki Do and Sun Do Federation.

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“When you step into a different culture, the experience helps you to develop your own unique character.

As you train at our Universal Peace Training Academy you will accumulate many skills and strengths that can be transferred to your personal and professional life. You can be healthier and happier; you can manage stress and the pressure of everyday life more easily.

If you are reading this, we already have some affinity, so I imagine that we will meet one day.”

— Grand Master Kimm Yong Sup.

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